Dynamic Weather

9.90 USD


Preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-Ppg8ZIZik

Give your server a real touch with this Weather System.

Imagine Los Santos covered in snow while in Sandy Shores is raining, at Paleto the sun is bright and in Cayo Perico there's a thunderstorm, all this happening at the same time and synced between players.

  • You can have different weathers per zone (Los Santos, Paleto, Sandy Shores and Cayo Perico)

  • Events and exports available, you can easily make it compatible with other scripts like housing, heists, etc.

  • Compatible with ESX and QBCore, can be used as standalone too.

  • Compatible with scripts that uses QBCore Weather or vSync events.

It uses Fivem Escrow to prevent leaks.