AV Music

14.90 USD


This bundle is for AV Laptop and AV Music APP only.
Preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SV8nSIj6w3s
Docs: https://docs.av-scripts.com/laptop-pack/av-music

  • Compatible Frameworks: ESX and QBCore
  • Compatible Inventories: qb-inventory, lj-inventory, quasar-inventory and ox_inventory.
  • Give your players an extra tool for their RP with AV Music APP.
  • Record labels can have their own tab inside app, customize their logo, name, description and color.
  • Players have access to add/remove their songs from the catalogue.
  • Burn CDs and promote your talent with other players in RP.
  • Music player supports Soundcloud playlists.