Tuning Script

29.90 USD


Based on Need For Speed Heat, full UI is made with React and is compatible with any Framework: ESX, QBCore or Custom.
Preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WizA7Jsz9Pg

  • Compatible with any Framework: ESX and QBCore are already pre configured.

  • Customization: You can customize every tuner shop job, coords, logo and background color, also can choose what upgrades can access each shop (Vehicle Upgrades, Vehicle Cosmetics and/or Paint Booth). You can also disable mods that you don’t want to have in your server (ex. vehicle armour)

  • Ticket system: When player pays for modifications a ticket will be created and saved on database, only the tuner shop workers can access this menu and apply the modifications, worker will receive a comission (configurable) over the total of the purchase. Ticket system can be enable/disable per location and if it’s disabled the mods will be applied immediately after purchase.

  • Vehicle Classes: Vehicle upgrades have a base price and it will increase per level, there’s also a class multiplier meaning that depending of the vehicle class (M, D, C, B, A, S) the upgrade can cost more.

  • Escrow: To prevent frauds and leaks this script is encrypted using Fivem Escrow only for the UI handlers, all the Framework events/functions are exposed so you can make this script fully compatible with your server and modify it to you likings.

  • Dependencies & Events: Oxmysql is the only dependency, if you don’t use oxmysql you have full access to all queries to make it compatible with your DB script. There’s some events if you want to trigger the tuning menu from external scripts or to hide/show your HUD components, please refer to the docs site for more info: Tuning Script - AV Scripts